Following a successful premiere at the 26th Edition of Festival Cinema Africano, Asia and Latin America in Milan, Italy, Mina Walking was awarded the prestigious SIGNIS Jury Prize by The World Catholic Association For Communication. Here is the jury statement. 

“The young and talented protagonist is followed in real-time by the filmmaker’s eye, in the style of a documentary, in a film with a big emotional impact. In a world filled with violent men and criminals, Mina manages to survive with the tenacity of her 12 years and the energy of those willing to survive in a society in complete disarray, like the one of today in Afghanistan.”

The Jury members were Vanessa Lanari, Gaetano Liguori and Marianna Ninni.

SIGNIS also awarded Mina Walking an Ecumenical Commendation at the Zlin Film Festival in May 2015.